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July 2013

Inflation is steady but not so for seniors car insurance!

The headline measure of inflation remained steady in March as a reduction in the pace of fuel cost rises offset a sharp increase in car insurance prices.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) stayed at an annual rate of 2.8%.

Some economists had predicted an increase to 3%.

A 5.8% rise in car insurance premiums - partly a result of rising whiplash claims and an EU ban on setting premiums by gender - were found to have piled further pressure on household budgets, though slower rises in diesel and petrol prices helped cancel out the effect.

Petrol prices rose by 2.2p a litre against 3.3p a litre a year earlier, the ONS said, while diesel increased by 1.9p a litre compared with 2.6p last March.



Great news for silver surfers, the car insurance specialist Liverpool Victoria, have announced they are scrapping the upper age limit of 86 years of age on their car insurance policies meaning drivers aged 86-years and over are now able to take out a motor insurance policy with the UK based provider.

The insurance company was one of the first to remove the upper limit on their travel insurance for the over 86s policies. Following on from the positive response LV= have had as a result of scrapping the age limit of their travel insurance aged 80 policies, the provider has now decided to introduce the same policy of removing age limits on their motor insurance.

Car insurance premiums on the rise

Kelly Ostler-Coyle, of the Association of British Insurers, said: "Personal injury claims are increasing and legal costs for insurance firms are expensive.

"More and more people are claiming for minor injuries such as whiplash, which adds to the problem. For every £1 paid out in compensation there's another 40p for the lawyers.

"Another reason is the number of fraudulent claims being made, which seems to be on the increase."

There is a growing concern that the growing costs to run a vehicle will see more and more drivers without a car insurance policy.

Third party car insurance is the minimum legal requirement in the UK, protecting damage to all third party vehicles and people involved in an accident or breakdown.

Ian Hughes, Director of Consumer Intelligence, and Market Researchers, said: "The upward pressure on pricing has well and truly broken through.

"The worry is that it could result in more motorists choosing not to insure vehicles and drive illegally." Holiday insurance for aged 65 is also thought to be on the rise too.

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September 2009

You can reduce your car insurance premium!

Savvy insurance shoppers can qualify for additional rate reductions by driving fewer miles per year, keeping a vehicle in a garage, car-pooling, attending driver training school, installing aftermarket anti-theft devices and so on. Senior citizens usually get a break on policy costs.

January 2009


More and more senior people in Britain are being turned down for car insurance, even with clean driving records and years or no claims.

An industry insider said there was still much discrimination in the car insurance industry, with the young and the old being affected.

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Well known companies such as Saga are joining the increasing numbers of providers which is great new for the senior citizen!

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